Does your blog have any affiliation with Costco?

No. This is a fan-run page. We are not affiliated with Costco and are not employed or paid by Costco.

How long have you been doing this?

Costco Fan Blogs have been posting Costco deals online since 2011 at, and

Where can I find the products you list on your blog?

These sales can be found in your local Costco Warehouse.  Availability may vary, but in general most major brand items are stocked and on sale at all regional Costco Warehouses.

An item on your blog isn’t available/on-sale at my Costco Warehouse – why?

While in general major-brand sale items are the same in Costco warehouses across the region, sometimes prices or availability may vary by location. Meat, Dairy and some other regional brands’ pricing & availability can also vary by location. Clearance items (ending with .97) also vary by location. Check with a Costco staffer to see if someone has just forgotten to change the price tag in-store – when in doubt, get the product scanned 🙂

Can you look up product availability for me at my nearest Costco?

To check local availability, make sure you have the item number available – Use the product search feature on the blog, or find it under the item picture in our posts. Call your nearest Costco Warehouse, select the “Admin” option on their phone menu and provide them the item number so they can check where the item is available and/or on sale, and if they can get it for you. We are only a fan-run blog and have no information about product availability at any given warehouse.

Can any of these products be purchased at

Prices shown on the blog are the in store prices ONLY.  You may be able to find some of the products at, however, they may be more expensive as the cost of shipping is added to the online price.

When & how often do you post? 

We post at least two times per week. We post pictures of all the sales we see in-warehouse on Monday and release posts to the general public on Tuesday mornings. We also go to Costco on Fridays and publish a “Weekend Update” to catch any items that go on sale mid-week and feature new or interesting items that get stocked before the weekend and post these Saturday morning.  Sometimes we post on Wednesdays or Thursdays with “Superposts” of all items (not just sale items) in a certain section of the warehouse, or with a product review, feature article, or paid promotion.

Why is the item no longer on sale at my Warehouse?

Costco sale offerings expire. We clearly publish the expiry date of the sale price. While most expiry dates are the same across all Costcos, sometimes stock sells out earlier in certain locations, or the local staff may not have changed the price tag, or the local warehouse may not be offering the sale price.

Can I find out the price history for a given product?

Yes!  Click the “Price History” button under a sale item picture and it will show you past regular and sale prices and dates we have in our database.

Is there a way to make a shopping list from the items shown in your posts?

Yes!  Just click the “Add to List” button underneath the item picture in any of our posts.  Another browser tab will pop up with your shopping list.  You can keep adding items to this list as you scroll through a post. You can also add your own items to the shopping list by clicking the “Add Custom Item” button on the Shopping List tab.  If you have cookies enabled, shopping lists are saved for 4 days and you can access it by clicking the “Shopping List” menu item or the “Shopping List” icon in the upper right corner of the website.  You can also print, download or email your shopping list.

How can I support your page?  Why are there Ads?  How can I get rid of the pop-up ads?

Our goal is to always have a free version of this site available to everyone.  The site is supported by pay-per-click ads.

Are you able to tell me when a particular item will go on sale?

No.  However, many major brand items go on sale on a regular schedule.  To see when a product has historically gone on sale, click the “View Price History” button below the item picture in a post, or search for the product by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the website and enter the product name or item number.

What does the “*” mean on a price tag?

The “*” is an indication that this item will not be reordered.  This may be due to insufficient sales or because it is a seasonal item.  If this is an item you want, make sure to stock up – this may be the last time you see it at your local Costco for at least a year.

What does it mean when something has a price ending in “.97”?

Prices ending in .97 are “Clearance” items.  If an item is on clearance, it is likely that these are the last few available, or that the item isn’t selling well. It is also likely that items with prices ending in .97 will not be available at every local warehouse. There may be additional or different items on clearance at your local warehouse.

I saw an item for sale on your page, but it is not on sale in my local store –  Can I get a rain check?

While most sale items are consistent throughout the region, some sale items will vary by store.  Your local Costco’s price will always take precedence over the prices posted on this website, but you can always visit your local Costco’s Customer Service desk with rain check or price match requests.

I bought an item last week, and now I see that it is on sale.  Will Costco price match their sale items?

Costco will often refund you the difference between the price you paid and the newly posted sale price with a few conditions: The item must be in stock and currently advertised at the sale price and the time limit for price matching is 30 days.  The Costco Customer Service desk may have the discretion to price match for a longer period.

I saw an item that was on sale last week but has since expired.  Can I still get the sale price?

Unfortunately, if the sale is over, you will not be able to get the sale price.  Check our blog every week to make sure you don’t miss a sale. Expiry dates of sales are shown on price tags and in the text under our post pictures.

What is Costco’s return policy?

Costco has one of the best return policies of any retailer.  Costco guarantees your satisfaction with the merchandise you purchase without a time limit.  Televisions, projectors, computers, cameras, camcorders, and cellular phones must be returned within 90 days of purchase to qualify for a refund.  Costco can look up your purchases using your membership number and so you don’t even need your original receipt!  For the fine print visit their Purchase Terms page.

How do I get notifications when sale items are posted.

Sign up for our free email newsletter, or like our profile on facebook or instagram and you’ll get reminders and links to sale items every time we post! Our Paid Members receive email notifications of sale items BEFORE our non-paying users, and can request notifications when specific items go on sale.

That thing looks awesome, but it’s too big for me to carry – What do I do?

Costco staff will always help you carry large items and load them in your vehicle.  Just ask for help at the cash and make sure to bring your own cargo straps!